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Allsorts Developmental Services provides specialist multidisciplinary feeding services to assist with a range of feeding difficulties. We can provide support to families and children from birth to adolescents.

We can assist with:

  • Babies with poor sucking coordination.

  • Babies who are coughing or choking when being fed.

  • Children who gag or vomit frequently on food.

  • Children/babies who refuse foods (e.g. foods with lumps).

  • Challenging bahaviours related to food.

  • Fussy and picky eaters.

  • Children/ adolescents with oral defensiveness or oral aversions.

  • Transitioning from tube feeding to oral feeding.




Our Rockhampton Clinic also holds regular specialist feeding group session in the school holidays.


Groups run in school holidays for those currently undergoing specialist feeding services at Allsorts developmental service. Generally aimed at fussy eaters, these groups are a great way to build confidence in a peer supported environment while also having fun with food.

Find out more in the 'holiday programs' tab.


Each AllSorts Center has a range of programs, both seasonal and on-going.

If this program is not available in your area we may still be able to assist your family through Skype or phone call. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. 

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To find the full range of services and programs in your location, or to find the nearest center that offers what you need, click through to our locations page.

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