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Speech Pathologist's work with people of all ages to enhance their communication. We aim to identify where communication breakdowns are occurring and provide support to children, their families and even school/day cares.


Communication difficulties may include:

  • Difficulty with producing speech sounds (Speech delay)

  • Difficulties with being able to express their thoughts, needs and feelings.

  • Difficulty with understanding language and follow directions.

  • Stuttering

  • Difficulties with pre-literacy and literacy skills (reading and writing).

  • Difficulties with voice production such as unusual pitch, quality and volume.

  • Augmentative and alternative communication devices such as voice generating devices, picture boards and other assistive technology.


Our Speech Pathologists also assess and treat feeding and swallowing difficulties.



Each AllSorts Center has a range of services that can be delivered.

If this service is not available in your area we may still be able to assist your family through Skype or phone call. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. 

To find the full range of services in your location, or to find the nearest center that offers the service you need, click through to our locations page.

This service is available in:

Rockhampton  -  Yeppoon  -  Mackay  -  Outreach clinics

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