Therapy assistants are from a range of different professional backgrounds but all our assistants have experience with working with children and have undergone full background checks.

They work with children and their families to practice programs that have been developed by our therapy team under close supervision of the therapist involved.

They often work in the clinic, in the home or out in the community with children and young people in establishing skills in a way that best suits the needs of the individual child



We have a team of therapy assistants who work under the guidance of our clinicians to provide regular therapy programs to our clients. They work to deliver quality intervention programs to help your child reach their goals. Using a Therapy Assistant can be a great way of making your child's funding stretch further.


Each AllSorts Center has a range of services that can be delivered.

If this service is not available in your area we may still be able to assist your family through Skype or phone call. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. 

To find the full range of services in your location, or to find the nearest center that offers the service you need, click through to our locations page.

This service is available in:

Rockhampton -  Mackay  -  Outreach Clinics